Gemini® - How it Works

Here at Gemini® we aim to be as transparent as possible. In order to achieve this we have provided a more in depth look at the entire process and detailing exactly what is involved with both applying for and receiving your short term loan via Gemini®. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our friendly Support Team. We are always happy to help.

  • Quick & Simple Online Application

    Firstly you will need to go to our "Apply Now" page and complete our application form. Our application form is short, simple and straight to the point. There is no obscure information required that could be difficult to obtain and in turn, potentially slow down the application process.

  • Application Will Be Forwarded To Over 20 UK Payday Lenders

    After completing our simple application, the details will be processed through our platform and potentially forwarded to over 20+ UK payday lenders. Once a decision has been reached you will receive an email to confirm the outcome of your application in conjunction with an online decision. If successful you will be automatically forwarded to the Lenders website.

  • Receive Your Loan Agreement

    Once your application is approved and you have successfully redirected to the lenders website, you will have access to your loan agreement. This process happens very quickly as the loan agreement is automatically triggered upon success of the application and verification. Please take the time to read over the details of the loan agreement and if you are happy you will just need to electronically sign to finalise the application.

  • Funds Will Be Deposited In As Little As 10 Minutes

    Upon receipt of your signed loan agreement, the funds will be processed for dispatch almost immediately. This will always be taken care of the same working day. If you are in a rush for the money the option for a "Faster Payment Service" will be available, which will enable the funds to be transferred to your bank account in as little as just 10 minutes (charges may apply).