Gemini® - How it Works

Here at Gemini we strive for transparancy and in order for us to be as transparant as possible we have provided a more comprehensive look into the entire process of applying for a short term loan through our website. Starting with the application process, right up to having the funds deposited into your desired bank account.

  • Fast and Straight Forward Application Form

    To begin, you will need to select how much money you would like to borrow. You will then be directed to our application page to complete our short application form.
    Our application form is very simple and straight forward.
    We do not require any obscure information and everything is completed online, completely hassle free.

  • Application Could Be Forwarded To Up To 20 UK Payday Lenders

    After completing our application form, your detailed will be securely sent to our network of lenders for their consideration. We have a vast network of approximately 20 lenders, helping us to achieve some of the highest acceptance rates in the industry.
    Once a lender has approved your application you will be automatically forwarded to the lenders website to read and sign your loan agreement.

  • Receive Your Loan Agreement

    Once you have been successfully redirected to the lenders website, you will gain access to your new loan agreement.
    Please ensure that you take the appropriate time to read through the details of your loan agreement to make sure that you are happy and comfortable with the conditions laid out.
    Only if you are happy with the agreemnet should you go ahead and sign it.

  • Funds Can Be Deposited In As Little As 10 Minutes

    Upon signing your new loan agreement, your funds will be processed for dispatch almost immediately.
    Most lenders take advantage of the "Faster Payment" service which will ensure that payment will be instantaneious upon their actioning of it.
    Funds have been known to arrive in our customers bank accounts in as little as 10 minutes, although this is not guaranteed, it is certainly achievable in many cases.