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Representative Example: Borrow £500 for 90 days. Total repayment: £675 in 3 monthly payments of £225. Interest p.a: 140% (variable). Representative 1255.66%APR.
Minimum Loan Term: 3 Months. Maximum Loan Term: 60 months. Max APR 1255.66%.

FCA Authorised
GDPR Compliant
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Instant short term loans of up to £5,000

If you are looking for a safe and straight forward solution to to help you out with an unexpected financial situation, then searching for short term loans can be a sensible option. These tyopes of loans can quickly safely and efficiently provide you with the money that you need in a timely fashion.

Unexpected things can often occur in life that we just aren't ready for financially. When this happens, there is always a solution in the form of a payday loan.
These are the simple types of loans that are easy and straight forward to apply for, and to receive directly into your bank account.
Payday loans are specifically designed to be a short term solution to a temporary problem and it is not advisable to use such a loan for a long term problem.

Gemini are a credit matching service which allows you to apply for and acquire the best loan available to you without the need to spend lots of times researching th emarket yourself to fiund the best loan available to you, thus saving you los of time and hassle.

For those wanting to find out more about our service and how Gemini can find you the right loan, here is our short guide on the topic.

Finding the Right Short Term Loan from Gemini

One of the most difficult tasks of securing a loan is finding an appropriate and reputable lender. When searching through the vast amount of direct lenders available, it can be difficult to understand their often complicated terms or high-interest rates. At Gemini, we offer the solution.
Instead of finding the lender yourself, we handle that process for you. All ledners undergo strict due dillgence to ensure that they are registered with the appropriate authoriteies (FCA, ICO) and conduct their business is a compliant manner.
This gives you absolute peace of mind when applying for and securing a payday loan via the Gemini website.

To begin the process of acquiring your loan, you will just need to let us how much you need, complete our short application form and we will then match you with the top lenders in the UK who will be happy to help you.

How Gemini Can Help

If you find yourself facing sudden unexpected medical bills, car repairs, mortgage or rent payments, or any other similar issue, Gemini can help you.

Gemini search over 20 different lenders to help secure the best possible lender/loan available to you.
We operate an entirely online service. This is to provide a simple, straight forward platform to apply for and receive your loan. This is maninly achieved by not having any tedious and unnecessary paperwork to complete and return to us.
If you need funds rigt away but your next payday is just too far away, then we belive that we have the perfect solution for you. Through the short term loans which we can facilitate for you, repayments are easy and manageable. Not only this, but they are highly accessible.

How It Works

When looking for a short term loan, Gemini offer an easy to use system.

Apply Online: The first step involves completing our quick and simple application form: loacted here.
Theer are no documents or obscure details required. We just need to know a little about you and to understand your current financial situation to accertain wether you are able to afford the repayments.

Wait For A Decision: The next step will involve our system frowarding your application to our approved partners one by one until we find an approval, we will let you know instantly online and then forward you automatically to the lenders website.

Sign The Loan Agreement: Once approved by the lender you will receive your loan agreement. Please take the time to read this carefully to ensure that you are happy with the conditions laid ou to you.
If you are happy with the agreement you can approve it and sign it online there and then.

Get Access To Your Funds: Once your loan agreemenyt has been signed, your funds will be processed almost immediately. Some lenders are quicker than others but this should usually be done the same working day.
Funds can appear into your bank account in as little as 10 minutes.

Why Choose Gemini

At Gemini, we understand the needs and varying situations of our customers.
Since our inception we have been fortunate enough to provide loans to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK.
Throughout this time we have handled over 1 million applicants and feel that we have a strong understanding of what are customers are looking for and are confident that we provide just the solution ton satisfy those requirements.

We understand and appreciate the sense of urgency but with that in mind we do try to provide you with all of the important and relevant iformation so that you can make the best informed decision when decisding to seek credit via our website.

If you are in need of a small loan to help you through short term financial difficulty then a payday loan from Gemini is for you.
Our transparent and efficient service allows you to apply for and access your loan all from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any questions or concerns about our service or website, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will always be happy to assist you.

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